Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Catching up.

Once again, I have been away from this blog for a large space of time. In that time, we have had several minor and a few major life changes. Older kids have moved out, some having/overcoming great difficulties as they grew. Middle kids have gotten older, and are licensed now. (yay!) Van's have gotten old and replaced with new (to us) ones. Rooms have all been shifted around. We switched wards (congregations), when the boundaries got changed at church, and we have both had a few different callings since then.

The biggest announcement though, would be that we added two more children in the time since I last posted. I had announced that I was pregnant with my tenth, though I am not sure that I ever shared her birth story. Three years later though, we added our sweet (and spicy!) little Lillypad. Then just four months ago, we added our LittleMan. That means we have been blessed with seven girls, and five boys.

However; three of those boys were among the first five, and Littleman is still a newborn - so our 7 year old boy is basically a lone man among 5 girls. There are three girls right in front of him, and two girls after him! He is usually a pretty good sport about it. He is always in demand as a husband, boyfriend, father, rescuer, prince, builder, date, waiter, chauffeur, and anything else they decide they need a boy for.