Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prayers Answered

On Monday, Eric had his doctor's appointment in Boston at Children's Hospital. He had to undergo a VCUG test to find out if he had backflow from his bladder into his kidney. This is a very common problem in boys that have a UTI very early in thier life, like Eric had.

The actual procedure lasted about 12 minutes - though it felt much longer. It only hurts as they put it in, but after a baby is hurt, they want to be picked up - but once the catheter is in, you can't pick them up. So you try your best to comfort them, but they are upset you are not holding them, then they are upset that they are being restrained. The nurses and person performing the procedure were very kind and gentle, and nice as can be. They just had to hold his legs and arms gently out of the way so they didn't get in the way of the xrays they were taking. I was allowed to be right there, helping and attempting to calm him with his binky, and talking/singing to him. None of it helped though, the poor thing cried the whole time. Finally, he was done. He had peed when they needed him not to, then he wouldn't pee when it was time - so it took a couple minutes longer than it usually does - actually, he had peed all over the lady in the beginning!

After they were done, we picked him up, calmed him down, then put a diaper on him, and wrapped him up in his blanket, and he snuggled right in. We headed up to his doctor's appt. and we nursed while waiting, and he drifted off to sleep. The doctor came in and looked at all the test results from both the VCUG and the ultrasound he had during his hospital stay. He said that it is very rare to have a UTI that early in life, and not have backflow, but that from what he could see, Eric was fine!! He was given a clear bill of health. We had to give him his medicine a couple more times, just to make sure he didn't end up with an infection from the procedure, but other than that, he was all set.

I am extremely grateful for all the prayers for Eric. Our whole ward, and quite a few friends from other wards, were praying for him. The doctor was amazed that he didn't have backflow. I am sure that it was due to all those prayers, and the health blessing that he recieved. I honestly don't know how people make it through this world without faith. It has sustained me, blessed me, calmed me, reassured me, and given me strength that I alone did not have - not just this time, but countless times. I truly am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven that watches over us.

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